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socketFrequently Asked Questions

Ever have a question about electricity but were afraid to ask? We have compiled some of the more common questions we get about electricity and electrical systems here. If you have any additional questions or something specific about your home or business, please dont hesitate to call us today!

Half of our house is without power and we have flipped all the breakers but still think the problem might be in the utility box, Can you help?

If your problem lies between the utility box and where the power enters your house it could be the utility companies responsibility. Our money-saving advice is that if you even suspect that is where the problem is to call the utility company first as they can fix many issues at no charge. If they come out and determine it is not their issue, then give us a call and we will be happy to come out and take a look.

A certain fuse/breaker has been tripping a lot lately and its very annoying; can I put a larger size fuse/breaker in myself to try and prevent this?

Please no! A good rule of thumb is to never replace any fuse or breaker with anything besides exactly what you took out of it. If too large, this is a code violation and fire hazard. We always recommend a Qualified Licensed Electrician to confirm the wire size so the correct fuse or breaker is installed. NOTE: If you are not qualified to change out a fuse or breaker, than don’t.

In the winter, my portable heater occasionally trips the breaker, what gives?

Portable heaters tend to draw quite a bit of power and so should always be plugged into a dedicated circuit to prevent the risk of a fire hazard. Many times, people plug these portable heaters into a circuit that is too small for the electrical load – or already maxed out with other devices on the same circuit. Note: Temporary Portable Heaters are not designed to be your main source of heat – but simply a supplementary source.

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